Glossybox juni

June’s Glossybox has arrived and I’m so excited to share it with you.
First of all I adore the box. By this time I have gathered loads of the pink boxes, which feels a little boring. Therefore I really appreciate this special boxes. Perfect for storage etc.

The layout of the box is created by the swedish artdirector Therese Sennerholt and she did a lovely job! Well done!

What was inside?
* Emite make up – professional eye lash curler
I haven’t tried it yet but feel really excited about it. It has a real sleek and polished look to it. Let us hope it lives up to its great look!
* Sebastian Professional – volupt spray
This is a volumizing spray which I never would say no thanks to! My hair is as flat as hair could possibly be and I’m always on the look-out for products to give me that extra humpf! I have never tried this product and I excited to give it a go this weekend.
* China glaze – Nail Lacquer
Yej! I only have one china glaze polish and I love it. Now I will add a new one to my collection and I feel real happy about it. I don’t really use glitterpolishes but have always wanted one real sparkly. I’m sure this will do the job perfectly!
* Figs & Rouge – 100 % pure & natural tinted lip balm
I already have one of these and I’m not superfound of it. It has a weird consistency and doesn’t go on smooth on the lips. However, I do feel it hydrates my lips and gives a great pink tint to them. Tonight I will have a girl’s night in with my BFF and we will eat cupcakes, watch the SITC-movie and this tinted lip balm will be the perfect little gift for her. Schh, don’t tell her!
* Pierre René – sweet berry gloss
Hmmm, well this was a let down. Blue (!?), with blue shimmer (!?). It smells extremely strong, sweet and cheap. This is something an 11-year old would wear. What should I do with it? I don’t know any tweens!

All in all, this is the best box so far! I’m real excited!

What did you get in your box? Were you happy?


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